Government and Politics

King Mohammad VI's Palace

Morocco is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, currently under the rule of King Mohammed VI. While the constitution of Morocco gives the king great executive and religious power, the head of the government is actually the Prime Minister, Abdelillah Benkirane. Morocco became an independent country in 1956. The three branches of government that have developed since that time are the executive, which is made up of the king and the prime minister, the legislative, which is the parliament, and the judicial, which is the supreme court. There are many different political factions present in Morocco, the most popular of which seem to be the Party of Justice and Development and the Istiqlal, or Independence Party. Although there is universal suffrage upon turning 18 for all Moroccans, the last election only saw 37% of registered voters cast their ballots.

Ever since Mohammed VI took power in 1999, Morocco has gone through great changes for the advancement of the Moroccan political system, society, and economy. Some Moroccans have protested these radical changes, but their demonstrations have not been as violent and serious and those of the neighboring countries have been. Moroccans have put on smaller and more peaceful protests than their neighbors.


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