Morocco for all inclusive approach of anti-piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea is a huge problem, responsible annually for about a two billion dollar loss. The West African countries as well as the U.S, Spain, Brazil and a few others including Morocco are teaming up to help strengthen maritime defense mechanisms. Money is being poured into the training of naval personnel in Nigeria as well as strengthening the relationships between the countries in order to better prepare themselves to fight maritime crime.

In a Morocco World news article, Mohamed Loulichki, Morocco’s permanent representative to the UN said at a UN Security Council meeting, that it was “essential that any anti-piracy strategy incorporate aspects related to strengthening institutions in charge of law enforcement and fighting transnational organized crime”.

Because the Gulf of Guinea is surrounded by many different counties it is going to take all of them or at least most of them working together to really make a difference in the piracy and maritime crime that has been greatly effecting the area. In the past certain countries have tried to battle it alone with no long term effect. It seems as if Morocco’s Mohamed Loulichki opinion on creating a comprehensive and all inclusive approach is shared by almost everybody at this point in order to stop the economic repercussions that are a result of piracy.



Morocco World News



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