Rapper’s Imprisonment Tests Moroccan Reforms – NPR

I found this NPR sound bite which compliments Christie’s post from 2/18/2012. The video further suggests that the rapper’s arrest was set up by the government to silence the young musician ‘s outcries against the government. Many of the rapper’s fans are outraged by the arrest and speaking out. I think the Moroccan government made a mistake in arresting  El-Haqed, or “the defiant one.”

Karim Tazi, a businessman and political activist, believes in a government conspiracy against El-Haqed. He stated,  “This case is a high-profile case. It’s a symbolic case. He’s only an artist — and they want to silence him.”

El-Haqed’s trial will test the new government’s revamped justice system. Human-rights groups have urged the new ministers of justice to carefully investigate all charges against the rap star. The Moroccan justice system needs to be extremely careful with how they handle the rapper’s trial because the freedom of El-Haqed is extremely important to the young people who have been leading the protests throughout Morocco. Wrongful imprisonment will only incite more riots and protests in the country.Tazi further illustrates this point with his suggestion that,

“If they free him, he is going to come back and sing again. If they keep him in jail, they are adding fuel to the anger of the movement and bringing the movement back to life, so they are losing anyway.”

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