Recent Protests in Rabat

Unemployed graduate, Idriss el Ouali Alami, made a particularly poignant comment stating,  “There is no desire or will to change the situation. If there was a will, we would not be here. Why should we be blamed because we managed to study and have high diplomas? Why should our faith be thrown in the streets?”

Alami illustrates an increasing trend in Morocco and the United States– the unemployed of recent college graduates. With college graduation in the not to distant future, I can empathize with Alami’s complaints and frustration. However, I do not support the use of self-immolation that has become common practice in the Middle East after the Tunisian fruitseller set himself on fire when humiliated by the police. Self-immolation is too destructive and violent a means of expression one’s opinion.

The protests that began on February 20, 2011, made the Moroccan government aware of citizens’ increasing disenchantment with their nations’ economic and political practices. Moroccan Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane recently gave an outline of the government’s plans to target national economic growth which in turn would boost employment. This illustrates that the government is looking to address the staggering rates of unemployment in Morocco which fall around 21.9% for recent college graduates. Reforms are also expected to come in housing and in education. After the Morocco’s moderate Islamist Justice and Development Party (PJD) won the majority of seats in  the late November election, I think that there is a good chance that national reforms will be implemented. King Mohammad supports such reforms and the PJD has promised to increase democracy and curb corruption. Stabilization of the Moroccan economy depends on a stable government. Hopefully, the government will listen to the voices of the people and look to institute policies that increase social welfare.



2 thoughts on “Recent Protests in Rabat

  1. It’s fine to link to this Arabiyya News report, but why have you included a transcript as well? If you are going to link to news reports or articles on other websites, the accompanying text should explain why you think the report/article’s contents are worth reading or watching. – DA

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